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We have built our business off of the referrals of long term, repeat, satisfied customers. This page is dedicated to them and the trust they have put into the partnership with Adrian Home and Pet Sitters. We appreciate every one of our customers, from those whom hire us, to those who we pamper and sit.

Adrian Home and Pet Sitter can provide references from our past and/or current customers upon request.

We look forward to discussing your pet sitting needs. For more information please contact us at (517) 263-4148


Ellen Baker, Owner

Adrian Home and Pet Sitter


"Thanks so much for coming over at the last minute. I'm so glad we found you, it is nice to know someone trustworthy to help with our dog. Thanks again."

"Thank you for taking care of our pets the way we would. We will be using you again and would be happy to recommend you."

"Our dog was well cared for and happy when we returned home. I was very pleased to have found good care and I feel I will be able to go away sometimes and not have to worry about him. Also, thank you for being so patient with our unstructured plans."

"My pets have never been cared for so well. Thank you again."

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Adrian Home and Pet Sitter

Ellen Baker, Owner

PH: (517) 263-4148